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Our Mission

Solution exists for a better world.  We strive to improve the lives of billions of people by providing an innovative social network that connects, solves issues quickly, and drives positive growth for now and for future generations. We help anybody who is also on a mission to better the world.

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Who we help


Your time and expertise can bring about positive change for the causes that matter to you.  Solution amplifies your cause, connects you to projects, other like-minded people, and organizations where your contribution can make a real difference.


Our platform supports the valuable contribution that philanthropists make to the world.  Smart tools enable connections to be established between philanthropists and the causes that matter to them, ultimately driving positive change for the world.


Influencers by definition already have significant reach to distribute content relating to their chosen causes to their followers.  Solution amplifies this reach by providing a publishing platform, alongside smart tools that match their interests to new and upcoming projects.


Amplify the good work of your organization and access more volunteers, more influencers, and more funding that will help you achieve your goals.


Customers and investors increasingly expect value exchange from the businesses that they interact with.  Solution assists CSR programs by providing access to projects that align with the business values and contributes to the support of local communities.


Communities rely on the good will of local people to thrive.  Solution enables easier connections between causes, and the people, funding and organizations that can help make them happen.

We Support

Civil rights
Children's rights
Emergency & safety
Justice & legal
Art & culture
Sports & recreation
Other causes

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Right now we are developing Solution with limited funds, and to grow we need more financial support.

Your donation will make a huge difference to us accelerating growth, which in turn will mean we can support more good causes around the world. The more financial support we get, the more people we can help. Donate now and help change the world.

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Each of us have a huge number of connections on social media – and we ask you to share this project with your network.

The more people know about us, the faster we can get fully up and running, and the faster we can grow.

Support us, and help us support you, and change the world.


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If you can help in any way, or you have any questions, contact us via our contact form below.


How does it work?

As someone Who needs Help

Create an Issue

As someone in need of help – you simply create a post, which includes details about your cause, and the assistance you need. This post is published to Solution.

Connect with People

Our smart software matches your cause to the people, organizations, and other resources that can help make it happen. They receive notifications through our platform and an invitation to engage with you.

Resolve your Issue

Once your issue is matched, you have received help, and the issue is resolved, the issue would be closed. 

As someone that Can Offer Help

Find an Issue

Your profile details your areas of expertise, the causes you care about, and the things you can help with such as your connections or the resources you have at your disposal.

Contact and offer Help

Our smart software matches your skills and resources to individuals in need of help. You receive notifications and our invited to engage with the individual.

Resolve an Issue and receive bonuses

Once you have provided help and issue resolved, the issue would be closed and you would receive bonuses for helping.


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